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True Cost of Food and Agriculture

agricultural production systems have been calibrated to maximise return on
investment, and utilises large amounts of inputs in terms of agrochemicals and
energy. However, such production systems often ignore, (i) the contribution of
ecosystem functions and services to the production systems, (ii) social aspects
of farming, and (iii) the impact of intensive practices on public and
environmental health. Thus these systems are increasing financial capital at
the expense of both social and natural capital. Moreover, current economic and
policy environment also supports such systems by subsidising agriculture with
the costs to public and environment health. At the same time, these systems can
appear to be more profitable than some of the sustainable alternatives due to their
unrecognised and unaccounted costs associated with the above-mentioned damage
that they are not being charged for. 

Therefore, there is need to recalibrate
current agricultural systems by understanding, assessin…

Measuring True Cost of Food Production

How do we measure the true costs of food production? by Sustainable Food Trust on 3 June, 2016 in Business and FoodVideos
How do we measure the true costs of food and put a price on the positive and negative impacts that food production has on the environment, society and public health? This session examines different frameworks and methods for quantifying and monetising these costs and looks at how these can influence farmers, policymakers and investors. There is a strong consensus that working towards a common framework for assessing sustainability will be critically important in undertaking meaningful comparisons between the sustainability of different food and farming systems. Chaired by Alexander Müller, Study Leader, TEEBAgFood, the speakers in this session present their different approaches and findings and explain how governments, companies and researchers are tackling the challenge of putting monetary value on natural resources, h…

Panel Discussion: Case Study Analysis of US Farming Systems

Hidden Costs of American Food Revealed
The hidden cost of seemingly cheap food production is damaging the planet, driving human disease and jeopardizing food workers exposed to toxins every day. Experts who gathered at the True Cost of American Food conference in San Francisco this past weekend said for every dollar American consumers pay for food, the country is spending up to two dollars to fight diseases linked to poor food production, worker abuse and environmental harms. "The bill consumers pay at the grocery checkout does not reflect the true cost Americans are actually paying for food," said Patrick Holden, chief executive of the Sustainable Food Trust. "We have to recognize this before we can do a better job growing our food, educating society to make informed decisions and incentivizing farmers and sustainable practices – and thereby save both lives and money." One promising solution is a new cost assessm…